What You Say May Get You Fired and Uninvited, with Exceptions -EP8

It’s post-Thanksgiving and after a bit of a hiatus, Christopher J and Song B are back in December to closeout the year and bang it out on all that’s been vibing in American sports, politics and society.  

First, we want to thank all of our listeners to the November podcast who went out and cast their vote to help create a blue wave.  We give the Orange Juice run down in politics with the latest Trump antics and distractions of firing, hiring and conspiring and presidential lies that caught former President Clinton.   In honor of G. H. W. Bush, quick review of the legacy he leaves including the pros and cons.

Sad news in ‘This is America’:  discussion about the two security guards who were heroes and mistaken by police offices as criminals and shot dead.  

Booty Juice splash on the firing of Marc Lamont Hill from CNN for comments deemed controversial; Kevin Hart disinvited to host the oscars for comments tweeted years ago.   We have a president who says anything, but a comedian is shamed.  Why are some privy to express their opinion and certain groups cannot be criticized?   Black and Silver losses appeal.  The Raiders skirts the worst NFL record of 11 and 3 with one recent win against Pittsburgh, but without a home.  So where to now?   

We laugh and cheer sipping on Sorrel, a traditional Jamaican holiday drink made of hibiscus flowers and spiked with whiskey.   So have a save holiday and Happy New Year from the Vibe Juice and please leave a 5 star review with Apple music, Sticker and other podcast platforms.

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