JUST VOTE! Kanye and ‘While Black in America’ EP006

Joining the ViBe CrEw once again is a VIBE JUICE favorite Christopher Jeffery.  In the Juice of the Week segment, ‘While Black In America’ we take a look at the many recently recorded incidents (thanks to FaceBook Live).  We give a big up to Shawn Pepas Lettman NY Lyft Driver who came under attack with a barrage of insults and demoralizing name calling by Robert Ortiz after picking up Ortiz and friends at a gay club.  Because Shawn’s incredible humility, The Vibe Juice crew awarded him with the (UPP) Urban Peace Prize.  Big up to his mom who raised him right!   We touch on Melania Trump allegations that no-one is more bullied than her;  Black Millennials and voting, and lastly Professor Kanye.

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