No Time For P.C.- V-O-T-E! – EP007

Welcome to the VIBE JUICE episode 7 with returning co-host, the dynamic, talented, insightfully expressiveVJ Favorite, Christopher Jeffery. Rah… Yay…! Rah!

THE JUICE OF THE WEEKextended discussions this week starting with John Gruden’s poorly performing Raiders. We also take no mercy regarding the onslaught terrorist incidents, bomb threats and racially motivated killings in Kentucky and the murderous rampage at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pennsylvania; the worst anti-Semitic attack in US history and mysterious hangings and murders of Ferguson Black Lives Matter activist.

Chris and Song B take a glance at the gubernatorial race in Florida and Georgia bringing out the big gun of supporters; Oprah Winfrey; how white nationalist are emboldened by Trump’s rhetoric with his latest threat on the 14th amendment; and Megyn Kelly’s disastrous comment that dressing up in blackface was OK when she was a kid.” Last but not least is a minimal reflection recent KanYeflips and Ye-flops. In good humor, there is a sidebar on Southern dialects and social media reaction to postings.

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Music credits: “Get You A** Out and Vote!” Jennifer Lewis; “The Blacker The Berry” Kendrick Lemar; “Good Vibes” lyrics Sonja Brooks a.k.a Song Bee, back ground music “Good Times” composed by Dave Grusin.

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