THE VIBE JUICE is a juicy blend of discussions about the goings-on in Oakland, California and the world. Topics include arts and humanities, business, politics and world affairs with featured guests.

The Vibe Crew:

Redd Sonja a.k.a. Song Bee is creator and host. A visionary, artist, writer, poet and humorist educated in radio, TV and film communications and other breadths. Former small business coach and trainer, she is a supporter of Pan African unity; advocates fair-trade fair-wage and equal access to capital for women and disadvantage communities.

Robin May Baby a professional non-profit administration management consultant, talents include Ancestral spirit-energy and Afro-feng shui designer; medicinal cannabis hobbyist, foodie and mixologiest.

Just James, a frequent co-host hoodie and funny-man is also sports enthusiast, character artists and daddy day-care attendant.

Featured guest artists and entrepreneurs are invited for interviews and to add their opinions and expertise along with the Vibe Crew humor and commentary aimed for the open-minded.

So join the Vibe Crew from beautiful Oakland, California on The Vibe Juice. Check-in, hang-out, give us a shout email: thevibejuice@gmail.com or message us on Facebook