Rise of the Radicalized Youth – EP42

The Vibe Crew looks into the young extremist who are ‘disrupting America.’ Where and how they are becoming manipulated, influenced, brainwashed and politicized. Recent terrorist activities starting with Tops Market in Buffalo, New York that was sought out by an 18 year old radicalized terrorist who drove 200 miles just to unleash havoc and death upon this predominantly black community to the incident in Charlottesville, South Carolina in 2017 by another radicalized white youth sets of alarm bells. Pick juice award of the month goes to Virginia ‘Ginni’ Thomas.  Why not… when it rains it pours.

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Will Justice Be Served? – EP37

Vibe Crew discusses Politricks starting with Steve Bannon’s contempt of Congress months following his January

Against BLM

Murderers and instigators.

5th, announcement about shock troops stating “All hell is going to break loose tomorrow.” Fear is Disrupting America; Big Bird a communist; Mr. Potato Head, a cross-dresser; Kyle Rittenhouse’s dry-teared argument of self-defense; and Ahmad Aubrey trial Attorney Kevin Gough stated, “We don’t want (anymore) black pastors in here.” Kanye is the Pickle Juice awardee of the week.

Vibe Crew

Vibe Crew members.

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