FRUADIT- You ain’t gonna get your money back – EP 35

Every case against Dominion voting machines was lost in court.  The Arizona ‘fraudit’ resulted in more votes for Biden and cost donors $6M.  Overall, the amount of money raised for a fraudulent ruse was a waste of time and donor contributions.  So who is really blowing the Trumpet?  While the GOP complains about the 3.5 Trillion “Bill Back Better,” yet ignoring the $6.7 trillion added to the nations’ debt 2017- 2020.   Pickle Juice award goes to John Gruden.  Leave your comment on our Facebook page  at  www.facebook.com/theVibeJuice.

Vibe Crew Host Song B and Ali Ar Rasheed EP35

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Hello world and welcome to the Vibe Juice podcast!

We are a new podcast ‘the Vibe Juice.’  Straightforward with humor,  but we keep it real.  Song Bee (a.k.a. Redd Sonja) with rotating co-hosts Robin May Baby, Just James and many outstanding guests.

The Vibe Crew is an artistic, creative living and surviving in Oakland, California.   We converse about  current news and events and everyday life as we witness the changes that comes with gentrification in the town once labeled as ‘No there -there.’

This is your brain on Vibe Juice – where good vibes are incubated, the mind stimulated, free thinking is cultivated and laughter incorporated.  Join the Vibe Crew follow us and rate us 5 stars on iTunes!

(to the tune of Good Times theme)

Keepin’ your head above water
Dissing Trump when you can

Reality Pop-offs

Good Vibes

Corporation rip-offs

Good Vibes

Fighting gentrification

Good Vibes

Got a 420 card and I’m vaping

Ain’t we lucky we got em … Good Vibes!



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