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Democracy Inward 2.0 – EP24

The Vibe Crew Song B, Christopher Jeffrey and Ali Ar Rasheed give the rundown.   Discuss the flipping of the Georgia senate race outcome and impact. January 6, 2021 planned and attempted coup to take over the Senate immediately following Trump’s rally and call to march to the Senate.  What role did social media play with others.  

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Looking Back to Look Forward- EP23

Reflections, looking back to go forward.  2020 was the year full of misinformation; left wing  vs right wing media and movements.  A tree not connected to its roots will die.    Look back and gripe, but do not remain in the past.  Ali announces call to action: to change the world you live in STAND UP, practice progressive principals and prepare to defend what you do locally.  2021: Development plans for collective economics, community policing, comprehensive crisis management with education path and creation of food oasis.  

Music credit:  ‘Look and Laugh’ Fela Kuti  ‘Hit em hard’ Passion HiFi  local markets: Minto Market and Coco Breeze restaurant in Oakland, CA.

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Big Pimpin 2.0 EP22

The Vibe Crew Song B, Christopher and Ali Ar Rasheed start out with a victory shot to celebrate the failed attempt of the forces of facisms to disregard the elected will of the people while reflecting on the pre-election projections made.  Topics include Trump’s allegations of election fraud, Wuhan conspiracy, and a deeper look into Trump’s possible awakening that he has not been the gorilla pimp after all; but has been gorilla-pimped.   Guests Ali-Ar Rasheed, Christopher Jeffery and host Song B.

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Pre-Election 1.1 Bye Hopes to Gorilla Pimpin EP21

Night before discussion of last minute issues, concerns and comments about  the election; sabotaging the ballots, Trump grifter legacy, Trump Jr. dating Governor Newsom of California ex-wife.  We hope that we will be in for a celebration on the other side.  Guests Ali-Ar Rasheed, Christopher Jeffery and host Song B. 

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Vote 2020 1.0 The Unfair Competitive Advantage EP20

In this post-presidential debate episode, critics and commentators Christopher Jeffry and Ali Ar Rasheed get fired up and discuss some of the ballot measures, propositions and presidential debate.  They advocate change comes with vote and that voters do it early. Warning: this episode contains profanity.

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COINTEL-PRO: Fear of a Black Messiah EP19

It’s voting season an in this mind-opening episode, we look at Ice Cube’s brilliance and unknown support in packaging the Platinum Plan and the Contract With Black America.   We examine political leadership; theories on myth creation, dog whistles, hidden messages, COINTELPRO and a misleading alignment with Ice Cube.  Does Cube’s strategic objective possibly give rise to the fear of a black Messiah?   The Internet has become the soma drug of the new world and the return of conscious rap music.   Guests Ali-Ar Rasheed author of ‘Notes of a Black Man, How To Leave The Matrix’, Christopher Jeffery and Song B.

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The Revolution will NOT be televised -Business @TheVibe Juice EP18

The Revolution will not be televised because it t begins with what’s on your plate.  This is first of a new monthly series;  BusinessVibes @The Vibe Juice Podcast.  This episode is about eating fit and feeling fit featuring according to  Gary Whitaker fitness coach and owner of Plant Based Fitness in Oakland, California.   Gary talks about motivation for starting his fitness business and how he’s managed to diversify his business to maintain cash flow and leaves tips on keeping healthy during COVID. 

Music: Gill Scott Heron “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” En Vogue “Free Your Mind,” The Passion, “Hi Fi.”

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“Come Get this Work” – EP17

WE ARE BACK! While Christopher and Sonja deal with the extra persons that they are carrying around since COVID and Google suddenly interrupts to check out our moves.  We take a moment to recognize all the greats that passed since the last podcast from late 2019 to present and the misfortunes of those gone too soon. Christopher lifts the carpet on Trump’s hypocrisy on veterans and his dismissal of protocol to visit with other dignitaries at the Battle of Bellowood where Marines fought aside the French to defeat the Germans.


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Dirty Quid Pro Quo Drawers Corrupting America – EP16

An American President’s Dirty Drawers

Swamp Juice: An American President’s Dirty Drawers.  Trump’s stinky business of Quid Pro Quo is corrupting America.  His latest crime is launching the greatest military blunder of pulling military out of Syria and placing allies Turkey and Syria at odds to fight against each other while turn betraying the Kurds.  Giuliani finally ceased jabbering and apparently has “the right to remain silent” after his two Ukrainian American buddies purchased one-way tickets and attempted to sneak out of the country. Compare Trumps touting the kill of al-Baghdadi to Obama’s announcement regarding kill and capture of Bin Laden. 

Katie Hill wimped out. Stand and fight for what you believe in and don’t wimp out. Even Jerry Springer stated that if Trump is allowed to become president in 2020, America sends the message to the rest of the world that Trump’s leadership is our gauge for acceptable behavior. 

Booty Juice: Arts, Entertainment, Pop Culture and BS.  Kanye and Sunday Service (for real), Power, Keven Hart and J-Lo The Hustler. Acknowledgments of recent losses include politicians Elijah Cummings, John Conyers and entertainers John Witherspoon and the beautiful Diahann Carroll. As a precursor to the Civil Rights movement, did the show ‘Julia’ send the first message of feminism to black women, you don’t need a man when you can raise a child and have a career by yourself. Leave your comments below the blog or at 

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Gunz A Blazin: Another Day In The USA – EP15

We’re back after a few weeks off.  Christopher Jeffrey and Sonja ‘Song B’ does some catching up over the past few weeks of events in America.  Starting with the second round of democratic debates, Trumps attack on ‘the squad’ to the horrific shootings that occurred over ten days.   We give our scrutiny on the Epistien-Barr conspiracy and the Mill Valley youth held in Rome for murdering a Carabinieri (Italian Policeman).   Christopher gives his read on the Oakland Raiders praying one last hurrah for Oakland.

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