Dirty Quid Pro Quo Drawers Corrupting America – EP16

An American President’s Dirty Drawers

Swamp Juice: An American President’s Dirty Drawers.  Trump’s stinky business of Quid Pro Quo is corrupting America.  His latest crime is launching the greatest military blunder of pulling military out of Syria and placing allies Turkey and Syria at odds to fight against each other while turn betraying the Kurds.  Giuliani finally ceased jabbering and apparently has “the right to remain silent” after his two Ukrainian American buddies purchased one-way tickets and attempted to sneak out of the country. Compare Trumps touting the kill of al-Baghdadi to Obama’s announcement regarding kill and capture of Bin Laden. 

Katie Hill wimped out. Stand and fight for what you believe in and don’t wimp out. Even Jerry Springer stated that if Trump is allowed to become president in 2020, America sends the message to the rest of the world that Trump’s leadership is our gauge for acceptable behavior. 

Booty Juice: Arts, Entertainment, Pop Culture and BS.  Kanye and Sunday Service (for real), Power, Keven Hart and J-Lo The Hustler. Acknowledgments of recent losses include politicians Elijah Cummings, John Conyers and entertainers John Witherspoon and the beautiful Diahann Carroll. As a precursor to the Civil Rights movement, did the show ‘Julia’ send the first message of feminism to black women, you don’t need a man when you can raise a child and have a career by yourself. Leave your comments below the blog or at www.facebook.com/thevibejuice. 

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