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Will the Real LeBron please stand up -episode 003

In this week’s episode, co-host Just James drops juice on BBQ Becky tapes,  unapologetic Lebron James version 5.0 revealed on his new show ‘The Shop.’  Bishop and Pastor Charles Ellis III apologizes for slipping a grab of Ariana Grande’s boob during the homecoming service for Aretha Franklin and ‘taco-belling’ her name.  Kevin Hart’s Cold As Balls web series pry’s into Lamar Odom mental state when he overdosed at a Nevada brothel.

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Ye In The OjZone episode 002

Song Bee and this week co-host Just James talks about notable greats of sports and entertainment doing good things; LeBron James I Promise school opening, Steph Curry fund raising basket ball event and Snoop Lion’s (Dogg) special needs football camp.  Kanye’s off-med behavior and  Just James gives a shout out to LaMar Odom and also believes the Mustang Ranch is good therapy; a place a black man to find himself.

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Everybody Has Baggage, Baby episode 001

Song Bee has a casual chat and vibe with Robin May Baby accompanied her recipe for Tequila and Ginger Kombucha with a squeeze of lime.  Sip and talk about relationship baggage and Song Bee talks about leaving the baggage behind and start each new relationship with a clean canvass, missing a flight and ‘not the one.’

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Hello world and welcome to the Vibe Juice podcast!

We are a new podcast ‘the Vibe Juice.’  Straightforward with humor,  but we keep it real.  Song Bee (a.k.a. Redd Sonja) with rotating co-hosts Robin May Baby, Just James and many outstanding guests.

The Vibe Crew is an artistic, creative living and surviving in Oakland, California.   We converse about  current news and events and everyday life as we witness the changes that comes with gentrification in the town once labeled as ‘No there -there.’

This is your brain on Vibe Juice – where good vibes are incubated, the mind stimulated, free thinking is cultivated and laughter incorporated.  Join the Vibe Crew follow us and rate us 5 stars on iTunes!

(to the tune of Good Times theme)

Keepin’ your head above water
Dissing Trump when you can

Reality Pop-offs

Good Vibes

Corporation rip-offs

Good Vibes

Fighting gentrification

Good Vibes

Got a 420 card and I’m vaping

Ain’t we lucky we got em … Good Vibes!



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